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Est. DoB: 01 August 2022
Energy level: active kitten
Good with: cats, possibly dogs and children

Here we have the adorable Mister Creamsicle. He was found by a truck driver in a Save on Foods parking lot. He was dehydrated and it looked like he'd been in a fight with something, but he had a huge motor boat purr whenever anyone would hold him. He was only seven weeks old and his eyes still had a bit of blue in them.

Creamsicle was cleaned up, had some water and a nap and immediately perked up. He has a lot of energy and loves getting into everything - a typical fun-loving kitten! He loves chasing jingly balls and gets along with other cats. When he gets out of line one of the older cats in his foster home will sit on him or give him a clawless batting.

Creamsicle hasn't met dogs or children yet, but considering he has a generally fearless nature we suspect he will adapt to them well.

This orange sweetie has all the energy of a typical kitten. He has brown eyes and an amazingly fluffy tail. He also has big paws and may grow up to be a large cat.

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