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Est DoB: June 2018
Energy level: active
Good with: children, cats

Say hello to the loveliest little love bug in town! Alright, he isn't little, he is a CHONK! Just look at the noggin on this guy! This boy came to us matted, dirty and skinny. He inhaled every plate of food put in front of him and started to overdo it. He's an enthusiastic eater so his new family will have to make sure to portion his meals appropriately. He just cant help himself when he sees food, it is just so yummy!

Crush is such a giant teddy bear of a cat. He is soft, fluffy, loves pets and cuddles, and especially enjoys chasing after wand toys... a great way to play and bond with his caregivers! He also likes to do his own thing sometimes, and spend time relaxing on his own without being over stimulated. He can get overwhelmed with too much going on and will get a little cranky, and will go back to his crate when he's had enough. He will rub up all over you and will turn into a purr machine if you return the favour. He thoroughly enjoys being brushed and petted.

Crush would do great in an easy-going household that is able to manage his dietary needs, have time to brush that beautiful coat of his, balance play time versus quiet time, and would be happy on his own or with few other laid-back cats. He likes to be the boss and would way rather keep you all to himself. Once he finds his forever home he will flourish

If you can give this teddy bear a quiet home please fill out an adoption application or contact LCCR for more information!

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