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Est. DoB: March 2019
Energy level: active
Good with: older children

Drizzle was living on the streets in the hamlet of Shaughnessy for two years when one day his health declined significantly and he came to LCCR.

Drizzle was accepting of pets very quickly after he arrived, but he still hissed at us every time we went into his kennel to give him his medication. Once he was released into the general populous of the Ranch, everything changed and he became an adamant love bug.

Drizzle wants all of your attention all of the time. If you're petting him and try to get up and walk away before he's ready, he will smack you or try to grab you. He likes to get rough sometimes, especially if you're the one riling him up, and he will chew on you with his gummy toothless mouth.

Drizzle is a big fan of cat treats and will come running for them even if they're not for him. He gets along great with other cats and with older children. He loves to play and will chase a string or crinkly toy for ages if you're playing with him.

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