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Est DOB: 08 September 2022
Energy level: average kitten
Good with: cats, dogs, older children

Goose came to us very nervous and unsure and always hiding but is gaining courage in leaps and bounds! He is an independent kitten who loves to quietly do his own thing and watch the world by day, then unleashes his inner wild child at night. Goose loves to play with dangly toys and wrestle with and chase after his foster brother Vivo at night. He is good with the large and medium sized dogs that are in his foster home, disinterested but comfortable.
He has recently started to curl up with his foster brother Vivo for daytime naps and will sometimes sleep beside sleeping cat pileups but is still a little shy. He still startles very easily but is good with children as long as they are quiet and calm. Goose is incredibly soft and enjoys having his long fur brushed.
His foster mom believes "he is a closet cuddle monster who is discovering how much he loves to be petted and held and will seek us out after our kids go to bed and the house is quiet"
Goose would do best in a quieter home and definitely thrives with a high energy, confident cat buddy.

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