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Est DoB: 15 April 2020
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats, older children

Habib was rescued by LCCR Founder Elizabeth Ginn.

Habib is a gorgeous long haired black cat who likes to lounge a few feet away from wherever you are. He has gotten used to being around people, but is not quite ready for a snuggle fest. He does accept pets from time to time and enjoys playing with toys. His favourite place to be is up high where he can sneak away fora
little snooze or watch what you're doing, like a sneaky little spy.

Habib gets along wonderfully with other cats and would do well with older children who won't scare him away with stomping feet or raucous play. He would also do well in a quiet home with a more mature family and one or two other feline companions.

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