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est DoB: October 2018
energy level: active
good with: older children

Hennessy has gone through a tough time! He was found very injured and presumably attacked by another animal, he had his back leg amputated shortly after being taken in by LCCR but has adjusted quite well with that.

Hennessy craves attention from humans! He will meow until you pet him, pick him up, or cuddle with him. He loves wand toys, catnip and treats. He LOVES to stare out the window and be out on the catio, so a person with a big window or an outdoor enclosure would be ideal. He is a lovey dovey boy that would be great as an only cat and with owners that will shower him with attention. Hennessy can be a bit spicy when he's overwhelmed, so he will need a family that is able to give him his space when he needs it.

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