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Est. DoB: January 2023
Energy level: active
Good with: older children

Jamaica was found freezing to death and at some point in her past, someone had amputated her ear.

When Jamaica arrived at LCCR she was desperate for love and affection. If you let her get near you she would climb up to your shoulder, put one paw on each side of your neck, and snuggle in for a hug! She's since settled down but still loves attention, but on her own terms. When she’s in the mood to cuddle she’s very persistent to make it happen and will jump on your shoulder and hold on for dear life until you cradle her in your arms.

Jamaica is an independent cat who doesn't interact much with the other cats, unless she's telling them to give her some space. She loves to be brushed and will put her butt right up in the air. She loves to chase string toys. But be careful not to trigger playtime with your bare hands, she'll clamp on her inner hunter will come to life. She follows up every play session with a good nap in a cushy cat bed or on a pillow.

Jamaica would do best in a home as the only pet. She may also get along well with older children who know how to play with her appropriately.

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