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Ast. DoB: December 2018
Good with: cats, dogs, children
Energy Level: Calm

When Katie's owner was no longer able to care for her, she kindly passed the torch to LCCR, and we were glad to take it.

Katie is a beautiful, sweet and friendly girl! She is very well behaved and very fond of people. She is a polite little lady that is fully litter trained, never scratches furniture, and rarley ever tries to jump on counters. She is patient when being fed. She loves belly scratches and very much likes being pet in general. She doesn't bite or scratch and is comfortable being picked up. Katie is also a very vocal lady. She responds to high pitches like whistling. If you were to whistle laying down she will come and lay or knead on your chest every time. She likes to lay on the chest or be very close while sleeping. She seems to be very good with other cats. Especially older cats. She is not super active and gets tired of younger cats play fighting but really likes to play with toys and will chase after balls. No drama or commotion for this little lass.

Katie would do well in a home where she can get lots of attention. She has not been around dogs much but when she has she tends to keep her distance but has approached them when laying down to smell them. She would likely do well with a calm dog that does not get in her space too much. Her foster is confident that she would be great with kids based on her normal behaviour!

If you can give this polite cuddly little lady a forever home, please fill out an application or contact LCCR by email for further information!

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