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Est. DoB: June 2, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats, dogs, children

Keys is a dilute orange cat who was born outside with his litter and soon after came into foster with the LCCR.

Keys is a chill low maintenance kitty. He's very laid back but also likes to chat. He's a great indoor boy who isn't interested in going back outside but likes to stay inside and play with the little boy he lives with. He loves toys and playing with the dog's fluffy tail. Keys and his brother, Puff, like to run and jump all over the place, doing kitty parkour and knocking things over. They aren't fans of soft blankies yet and they're favourite place to sleep is on the hard kitchen floor.

Because he is still a kitten, Keys will need to be adopted with his brother Puff, or mom Akemi, or into a home that already has a cat.

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