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est. DoB: 09 September 2021
Energy level: active
Good with: children

Kissa is a very curious and energetic cat who has many kitten like qualities. She is a bit of a food thief and will find any food that is left out. Kissa is very clever and has learned how to high five her foster mom in exchange for treats. She instantly loves everyone she meets and will often jump on her fosters shoulders in attempts to get on top of the cupboards as she thinks "the higher, the better". She is full of purrs and snuggles. She loves to sleep with her head on a pillow and her foster mom cant help but tuck her in with a blanket when she is napping.

She has not been around children but she would likely be good with them. She is still learning how to play and will sometimes mistake ankles as a toy but she is quickly corrected with cat toys or paper towel rolls. Kissa loves to look out any windows in the house that she can get to! She loves to lay in the bathtub while watching her foster get ready for the day and she is fascinated to watch the toilet flush. She does not like the neighborhood cat that shows up in the backyard but she has not had a lot of experience with other cats. She can be a bit nervous with loud sounds but as soon as she sees what made the sound she is curious.

If you can give this smart, curious girl a forever home please fill out an adoption application!

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