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EDoB: July 20, 2022
Energy Level: active
Good With: TBD

A local family that takes in stray cats came across Mocha when she was pregnant. They took her in and a few days later she gave birth to six beautiful little kittens. Then, a few weeks later she took in another kitten that had been left at the dump.

Mocha is such a sweetheart! She’s very affectionate and loves belly rubs and chin scratches. She chirps and talks a lot to her kittens and people. She warms up to new people immediately and loves all the attention. She loves to play with springs and catnip toys. She is quite playful now that her kittens are a bit older. She doesn’t like other cats coming close but that might be because she is protecting her kittens.

Mocha will be ready to go to her new home on June 14th.

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