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Est. DoB: July 2022
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats, probably children

Neroli came to LCCR after he and his brother had been abandoned by their owners. Sadly they were living in an environment of filth and domestic violence. The family was evicted and the cats were left behind. Thankfully, the new tenant and a neighbour contacted LCCR for help.

Neroli is a calm and quiet boy who doesn't like to bring attention to himself. He loves toys and treats but is a little nervous about people. However, we whole heartedly believe that his sweet and loving nature will shine through with the help of a kind family who can show him how a cat is truly meant to live.

Neroli will need owners who are patient and gentle and who will take the time to help him come out of his shell. He could also benefit from the guidance of another calm cat in the home. He will probably be comfortable with children in time, especially if they respect his space as he learns to trust them.

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