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Est DoB: October 2020
Energy level: active
Good with: cats, dogs

Peaches came to LCCR with her five kittens who have since been adopted. She is a sweet, quiet and shy mom. She had a terrible eye infection when she arrived at LCCR and required a long course of eye drops before it healed completely. She takes some time to get used to people and often prefers to watch from a safe distance. She's still learning that people are actually pretty great, but when she does warm up she loves her pets and belly rubs.

Peaches loves to be where all the action is. She wants to be friends with the small dogs and other cats in her foster home and spends the day running up and down the halls and from room to room with them. She plays king of the castle on the small cat tree and likes to sit in the tall cat trees and look out the window.

When she's not out in the open, Peaches can be found burrowed inside blankets or hidey holes. She's also a night owl who enjoys playing with toys under your bed while you're sleeping. She likes to sit up high on top of everything and needs to know what's behind every closed door.

Peaches is a young playful sweetie who would do best in an active home with other animals and a family that is willing to be patient as she learns to trust them.

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