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Est. DoB: October 2021
Energy level: active
Good with: some cats

Pretty Boy showed up on the Ranch one day and never left. We were orignally calling him Pretty GIRL because that's what we thought he was. How embarrasing.

Pretty Boy wants to be the centre of attention. He loves loves LOVES being front and centre and will seek you out. He is super sweet, will snuggle right into you, and purrs up a storm. If you happen to be doing some paperwork or typing on the computer you can be certain that he will find you and he will sit on whatever is in front of you. If you're doing chores or wandering the house he will follow and try to "help."

Pretty Boy is also very playful. He loves to chase string or toys attached to string. He also will nibble your hands if you try to tickle him. Do you enjoy an evening in front of the tv? So does he, especially if there are birds on the screen.

Pretty Boy does get jealous if another cat tries to sneak in on the attention and will swat and hiss at any cat that tries to share his spotlight. He may relax over time and learn to share. His love bites can be a little hard sometimes so he should go to a home without small children.

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