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est DoB: December 2021
energy level: active
good with: cats, quiet dogs, quiet children

Rarity is an itty bitty kitty with a small frame and slim build. She loves to climb and can often be found peeking down at you from the top of the shower. She's also a very graceful jumper. She's a proper little lady who will wait patiently for her dish and never steals from the other fosters at her house.

Rarity is a big talker who will come to ask for pets whenever the mood strikes her. She comes running to say hello to whoever walks in the door, even new friends she's never met before. She's very social, sweet, and snuggly. Loud noises don't mesh with her delicate sensibilities, so she'd do best in a quiet home. She likes other cats and loves to cuddle and play with them. She would do well with a quiet dog or quiet children who don't have a tendency to bark or scream in the house.

Although she look and acts like a doll, don't be tempted to dress her up. She'll escape any sweater or costume you try to put her in. She's a wiggly worm who will let you know when she's fed up. Rarity LOVES being outside so her new owners will either have to have an enclosed catio set up for her, or train her to go on walks on a harness. She is very active!

At night you'll never have to wonder where she is because she'll lay right on top of you and go to sleep.

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