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Est DOB: March 2017
Energy level: active
Good with: older children

Rox was surrendered to the vet after his bowels became blocked. He's received constant tender loving care since then and is now in good health and on a urinary friendly diet.

Rox is a lovable long haired tabby with some seriously fuzzy toes. He loves to start talking as soon as you come in the room and will look you straight in the eye until he gets his point across. His fur is so soft and he often rolls over for belly rubs. He also enjoys investigating every nook and cranny of the house and looking out the windows. When it's time for a snooze, Rox likes to get into some funky positions in his little hut.

Rox doesn't get along with other cats but he loves following people around and watching what they're up to. We aren't sure how he feels about dogs but he is good with older children. He would do well in a home as an only pet.

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