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Est. DoB: 15 March 2021
Energy level: active
Good with: cats, probably children and dogs

Super affectionate... playful... gentle...
Does this sound like what you're looking for in a cat? Look no further!

Siyah (his name should be "Loverboy") wants little more than to give and receive love and affection. He happily follows his human(s) around and can hardly wait until bedtime so he can sleep beside you, or even on your chest with his head tucked under your chin so he can purr you both to sleep.

As a young cat, he is still quite playful and his favourite toys are ones that 'chirp' when chased/played with, or with a bit of catnip inside. Siyah also likes wand toys and chasing the mysterious red dot.

He enjoys being brushed and is good about having his nails trimmed - only trying to pull his paw back a bit, but no hissing, biting, etc. With more time, and some tube-treat rewards, he will certainly no longer worry about his nails.

Siyah is a trusting cat who is very gentle and plays with 'soft paws' - keeping his nails in. He would probably do well with children, and if a dog is accustomed to cats, he would likely make friends. Siyah does well with other cats but would also do well as an only cat/pet who can focus all of his love on his human(s).

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