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Est DOB: October 15, 2022
Energy level: average kitten
Good with: cats

Sparks was found by an employee at an RV lot at the end of winter and the tips of his ears fell off from frostbite. He might have started life alone on the streets but now he wants to be the centre of attention!

He loves being near his people and will talk to you all day long. Sparks is a very loving and cuddly little cat who will curl up tightly against you and cuddle. He loves a good armpit scratch (weird, we know.) He is equally playful and enjoys playing with ribbons, but his favourite toys are crinkle balls. Sometimes he thinks he's a dog and will play fetch!

Sparks will sit behind any closed door waiting for you and when you open it up he'll zoom down the hall, ready to play. But be prepared; loud noises will activate his scaredy cat super powers. Once, he leapt down an entire staircase in a single bound!

He gets along well with other cats, but hasn't met any dogs or mini humans yet and would do best with someone who is willing to help him live the rest of his life in the spotlight.

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