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est DOB: April 2019
energy level: timid
good with: relaxed cats or possibly a relaxed dog, older children

This lovely little lad was found in Coaldale with bad eyes. He had been coming to the finder's back yard for months but was timid and scared. After he was picked up and taken to the vet he settled in with some incredible fosters. He has come so far. His fosters have shared some details with us.

Tengu is a shy, skittish boy but he is such a sweet little goofball, and a mooch. Loud noises scare him, as well as sudden movements. He’s pretty blind, so best to move slowly. Being pet is something he’s working on. He is continuing to work on trusting humans but if he does trust you he will follow you everywhere! His favorite foods are cheese and bread. The first time he jumped on his foster's lap was to get a little taste of pizza. He loves the other cats in his foster home and will often be found in a cuddle puddle with the other cats in the home if the humans aren't paying attention to him. He is still quite nervous to be pet but he always wants to be involved in what is happening! He is such a lovely boy, and deserves so much love and attention.

If you can provide Tengu with his forever home, fill out an application.

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