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est DOB: February 2021
energy level: active
good with: cats, likely good with dogs and children

This handsome white boy was named Tofu when he came to LCCR, but his Foster has been calling him Yuki, which means "snow" in Japanese.

Yuki is SO SO friendly! He rubs up on people, pushes into your hand, gets schmoozy, and he doesn't even have to know you! He was found in Coaldale with bite injuries to his neck. Thankfully his finder has a BIG heart and decided to foster.

Not only does Yuki love people, he likes to play with other cats too. We haven't seen him around dogs or children but it is likely, given his friendly temperament, that he would be comfortable with both. He has a playful energy and hates being in a room alone. "I Will Follow You" is his theme song.

There's only one more thing you need to know about this boy: he's got gas! The vet has prescribed him some probiotics but this little rascal doesn't like to take his medicine. His new owners will have to be adept at pilling him regularly.

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