est DoB: July 2019
good with: children, adults
activity level: average/relaxed 

Zinnie was left abandoned by his owners and a nice family started feeding him, kept him safe, and contacted us. 


He is a beautiful boy with an adorable, little, unique dot on his nose - perfect for booping.  He's been laying by an air conditioning vent during the hot days, as he's figured out how to stay cool!


Zinnie is a sweet, gentle, loving boy who enjoys affection, pets, and toys!  He likes to jump and be up high, so he can watch everything around him.  When playing, he will jump and do aerial spirals.

Zinnie easily took to a leash and enjoys being outside, while also being kept safe.  This cute boy will sleep with you all night, and not disturb you until you're ready to get up.

Zinnie 05.jpg