Not For Profit - No Kill Cat Rescue in Southern Alberta


​All life matters. That's why we do our best to save as many cats as we can. It cannot be done without our amazing, dedicated volunteers, adopters, fosters, and donors! With your help, we can save more cats like Dango!


Dango came with frostbite and a badly infected foot. He has healed well and is now a happy, healthy boy. He loves to spend his afternoon with the other cats relaxing in the catio and once he has had a good nap, he will come looking for some love from his humans. Dango loves to be cuddled and pet, and he appreciates every moment of affection; he rolls all over, kneads and purrs away.

Dango is one of over 150 cats that LCCR is currently taking care of. LCCR believes in giving every cat the best chance they can. With your help, more like our sweet, love bug Dango can be saved.

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