The following rental companies offer cat-friendly (and often "other pets" friendly) units.

Click on the name to be taken to each company's website for more information.

Northview REIT

Size: Bachelor, 1-4 Bedrooms
Phone: 403-359-8036

Avenue Living

Type: Apartments

Size: 1-4 Bedrooms

Phone: 403-774-4034

Renter's Choice

Type: Houses, Apartments
Size: 1-4 Bedrooms
Phone: 403-317-4555

Westhaven Estates - Weidner Apartment Homes

Type: Apartments

Size: 1-3 Bedrooms

Phone: 587-997-6325

Hometime Property Services

Type: Houses, Apartments
Size: 1-4 Bedrooms
Phone: 403-329-6111

LCCR does not specifically endorse or receive compensation from any of the companies above,
we simply provide this information here for those who may need it.

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