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If you are interested in helping out and joining a fantastic team of volunteers, please fill out the online application form (a printable form is available on the page).  Volunteers are to be at least 16 years of age, unless accompanied by a parent while volunteering.

Main rescue support

This is usually where we need the most help. Duties include, but are not limited to: feeding cats, refreshing water bowls, doing laundry, cleaning kennels, scooping litter, vacuuming and mopping floors. Once all these duties are complete, you are free to play and cuddle with the cats.


Taking cats to and/or from vet appointments

Carriers are provided and kept at the main rescue, but we often need volunteers to drive cats to and from vet appointments.  While some appointments are within Lethbridge, others may require driving to Fort McLeod or Taber.


Hosting event tables

This includes our monthly "Urban Cat Tails" craft sales at the Lethbridge Fish & Game Hut.


Picking up returnable containers

LCCR does a monthly "bottle drive", accepting containers from donors all over Lethbridge and surrounding areas.


Where are you located? Our facility is situated on private property 14 kms south east of Lethbridge. The address will be shared with you after your volunteer application has been accepted. We will also ask that you do not divulge this information.

Who can volunteer? Anyone 16 years of age and older can volunteer. Well behaved children under the age of 16 years may volunteer but must be under the supervision of a responsible adult at all times. 

How often can we volunteer? The main rescue has two shifts daily. The morning shift generally starts at 9am and the evening shift generally starts at 5pm. However, we appreciate that volunteers may need to come a little earlier or later than scheduled. Generally a shift runs two to three hours but is largely dependent on the number of volunteers available and extra tasks that may arise. Any length of time you can donate is appreciated.

How will I know what to do? We offer orientation shifts every day of the week and lasts an hour and a half to two hours. Our volunteer coordinator will arrange an orientation with you.

What should I wear? Wear comfortable clothing, not your Sunday best! You will need footwear that is only for use at the rescue. This is for the protection of our cats as well as any pets you may have at home. We do not want you bringing any germs in or taking any out. There will be space available for your shoes if you choose to leave them on site.

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