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Please fill out the online application fields below, or print off a paper copy using the button directly below this message and send it to

This application is to apply for a volunteer position at our intake facility. This facility is for the assessment and temporary housing of new cats and kittens that are waiting for a foster or permanent home. We also have lifelong residents who require daily care.


Let us be upfront and honest. We are searching for long term, dedicated volunteers who are willing to put in the work and hours required to maintain our intake facility. This volunteer position consists of mainly cleaning and can be physically demanding at times.


Please only submit an application if you feel that you meet all of the below qualifications.

Thank you for your interest.

**We do not provide volunteer credit to students**


Your information

*All your information remains confidential*

A bit about you

4. Volunteers may be faced with graphic, traumatic and emotional situations in relation to the impoverishment, neglect and abuse of some of the cats we rescue. Some cats may exhibit feral behaviours and act scared and aggressive towards humans. Do you acknowledge the potential for exposure to these situations?
5. Can you stand on your feet for a minimum of 3 hours?
6. Can you lift a minimum of 20 pounds?
7. Do you have your own means of transportation? (We are located in Lethbridge County and there is no public transportation available.)
8. Are you aware that shifts run approximately three hours in length? (Note: you may come earlier than 9am or earlier than 5pm if that suits your personal schedule better)
9. Can you commit to a minimum of ONE three hour shiftshift every two weeks?
10. What is your availability? (Please check all that apply.) We have TWO shifts every day of the week: AM shift beginning at 9am and PM shift beginning at 5pm.
11. Are you a student looking to do volunteer hours for credit?
12. Are you 16 years of age or older?


Please include their name, phone number, and relationship to you.

**If you click submit and it takes you back higher up in the form, you have missed a required field. Please fill it in and try to submit again. 

Thank you... An LCCR representative will contact you soon! Please note: we are all volunteers and will respond to you as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience, and we value your application!

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