**updated September 2021

If you prefer to donate needed items instead of money, the LCCR "kitty wish list" is for you!

We have an amazon.ca wishlist!  You can purchase from home and your items will be shipped directly to one of our volunteers  :-)

You can also buy food directly for our cats through Feed Sam, in Lethbridge. 
There are no S/H charges as they deliver to us as part of the service. 

How to buy food:

1) click on the food of your choice below

2) select the quantity

3) "donate this product to:" -- select LCCR

4) click on the "donate" button

5) either continue shopping, or check out

6) the first time, you will need to create an account, after that you can just log in

7) complete your purchase - if asked for delivery address, use yours, but it will come to us!

 Wet Foods

• Merrick's kitten paté

• Merrick's salmon paté

• Almo chicken & green beans

• Almo salmon & apple

Dry Foods

• Merrick's healthy kitten

• Open Farm homestead turkey & chicken

• Instinct limited ingredient turkey

• Blue Buffalo adult indoor cat


Please contact us by email or send a message through Facebook to arrange getting any of the following items to us.

Thank you!


We currently have plenty of sheets, towels, etc., but if you have some to donate, we will ensure they get to feral colonies that need them.


- paper towels

- litter: ABM Pellets from UFA

- litter: Nature's Miracle Sweet Scoop

- liquid dish detergent

- dishwasher tablets

- pet-friendly (ie: natural ingredients) laundry detergent

- Pink Solution Clean concentrated cleaner (7-litre, 5-litre, or 4-litre 2x 2-litres) from costco.ca