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Please fill out the online application fields below, or print off a paper copy using the button directly below this message and send it to

Your Information
Personal References. Please do not include relatives. Instead list your vet, coworkers, friends, etc.


Each animal in our program has gone through an assessment prior to being placed into a foster home. It's important to us that you, the other people in your household, and any other pets that may be in your household, are not uncomfortable or at risk at any time, as a result of taking on a foster for The LCCR.


Fostering is usually for the time period the animal is in care up until adoption. Shorter foster situations are possible in some cases. The LCCR tries to avoid an animal being placed in several foster homes as this can cause stress, instability issues, and such.


Fosters are expected to provide food and litter, the cost of which (by proof of receipt) is tax deductible. If you are not able to provide these, The LCCR will provide them for you at your request. The LCCR will also provide supplies (litter pan, cat bed, brush, etc.) and will cover all veterinary costs of the foster cat(s) while in your care.

**If you click submit and it takes you back higher up in the form, you have missed a required field. Please fill it in and try to submit again. 

Thank you very much for your inquiry.  Please note: we are all volunteers and will respond to you as quickly as possible.  We thank you for your patience, and we value your application!
If you have not heard back within 4-5 days, or are wondering about the status of your application, please email us at:

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