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Est. DoB: February 2019
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats, tiny dogs, children

Brownie showed up on the street in Raymond one summer day looking a little dirty and a little skinny. He had dirty ears and was wary of grownups but curious about the children playing outside in the yard. His finder started feeding him dry food while she went about looking for an owner, but no one came forward. One day she fed him some wet food and after that he was hooked and in love.

Brownie is a very relaxed little man. His most favourite things to do are to curl up upside down at the foot of your bed, or to lay down with his front feet in front of him like the Sphynx in Egypt. He absolutely loves head scratches and will roll over for belly rubs. He'll also let you carry him like a baby while you babble nonsense at him and rub under his chin. He doesn't typically play with toys but if they've been recently doused with catnip he's bound to hold on and chew them while he bunny kicks the other end.

Brownie enjoys being around people, including children of all ages. He is very patient. He gets along with other cats and doesn't mind tiny dogs like chihuahuas.

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