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Est. DoB: October 2015
Energy level: average/shy
Good with: calm animals, older children

*Located in Stirling*

Ginger is the matriarch of the family and was found in Stirling with two litters of her kittens.

Ginger is a shy and independent sweetheart. Once she gets to know people, she will rub up on their legs, purr, and soak in all the pets. She loves meal time and will show you her appreciation by rubbing up on your legs when you are getting her breakfast. She will occasionally sleep with her son Frohikee (who is also available for adoption), but spends most of her time napping on the kitchen chair in her foster home. She doesn't mind the other cats in the house, she just isn't chummy with them. Ginger is not a fan of paparazzi! She doesn't like photos taken and will run off as soon as her foster mom pulls out her phone to take a photo or video.

Ginger would do best in a calm house with other calm animals and possibly calm older children.

If you feel you could give this sweet lady a calm home with some comfy chairs to nap on, please fill out an adoption application or contact LCCR for more information!

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