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est DoB: June 2016
good with: cats
energy level: relaxed

Godiva came in from Vauxhall on 21 October 2017 with her kittens Aero, Rolo, Reese, and Smartie; they were all part of a colony that were saved from being poisoned.

She is a shy girl and after watching other cats interact with humans, she is learning to trust humans. She is very sweet and loves spending her afternoons relaxing with the other cats out in the catio. She also likes to play with toys filled with catnip and she will wrestle and pounce with them down the hall!

Godiva loves being around the other cats at the rescue and will almost always be found napping, snuggled up with one of her pals. Because of her love of other cats, Godiva will need to be adopted with one of her cat friends.

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