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Est DoB: July 2016
Energy level: average
Good with: cats

Pilsbury Dough Boy is a soft as adorable as he sounds. He came out of the county badly injured but is now on the mend. He had to be shaved for his treatment, but his super soft fur is almost completely grown back in.

Pilsbury loves to be pet and cuddled. If a hand is extended toward him he will push his head right into it. However, he would probably not do well with small children, as he seems to get overwhelmed by anyone too eager to pet his adorable face.

He is fairly laid back with a moderate energy level. He isn't the first to jump in and play when the toys come out, but seems to prefer being a quiet observer. His favourite activity is finding all the good places to curl up or sprawl out for a good snooze. He would probably do well with another cat or two in his forever home.

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