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Est DoB: February 2018
Energy level: average
Good with: cats

Pumpkin Pie was a stray cat from a small village near Coutts. A kind person there took care of him for a long time, but when he got sick and she couldn't do anything more to help him she reached out to us.

At first glance you'll noticed that this little man has short legs and a short tail. Adorable! And he has the funniest little personality. He can be mischievous at times and loves to play with his toys. He can act like he doesn’t want attention but when he feels comfortable he’ll cuddle with you or just appreciate some pets. The key is to go slow and let him sniff you first before you go in for some lovin'.

Pumpkin Pie is also very strong. When he wants to get up on top of something he doesn't jump, he climbs straight up the side using his paws and claws like a little spider cat. He loves to eat duck and inhales it every time he gets it. He loves hiding inside boxes or under furniture. In general he gets along with most cats, especially kittens, and doesn’t mind their company but also does well on his own.

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