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Est. DoB: May 2021
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats, children

These two ladies lived their life on the road with their dad who drove a semi truck. They lived together in a hotel for several years, but he became terminally ill and his girls had no where to go. That's when they came to LCCR.

These sisters are the sweetest! They are both harness trained and great for travelling. They're also comfortable with children.

Cia is the more outgoing of the two. She looooves to follow you around and roll over for belly rubs and lots of attention. If you've got paperwork out or you're folding laundry, she'll say thank you and lay down on it. She also enjoys sitting in cupboards.

Baby is more reserved than her sister. She likes to find a quiet place tucked away somewhere out of sight or up high where she can curl up. However, we think her true personality will shine in a home where she isn't surrounded by so many other cats.

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