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est. DoB: October 2013
energy level: active
good with: cats, children

Basey and Sega are Bonded and must be adopted together.

Night (Not bonded to Basey & Sega but if someone is willing to adopt all three together that would be awesome!)

These three sisters came from a life and home of severe neglect. They were never allowed inside, fed only once a week, and received very little, if any, vet care. Their former owner was charged and LCCR was able to bring these ladies, only three of many, to the Ranch for love, medical care, and rehabilitation.

And here's what's amazing: they are SO SWEET and very quickly became ready for adoption. All three greet everyone who walks into the room with the biggest and loudest purrs you will hear.

BASEY and SEGA are almost identical. Basey is very forward and will come right at you for some lovin'! She'll even roll over and show her belly until you can't resist but give in and pet her. And Sega is likely to follow right behind her for some pets. These two have a tendency to give a few love bites so they would do best in a home with older children or no children at all.

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