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Est. DoB: December 2016
Energy level: active
Good with: cats, older children

Basey and Sega are Bonded and must be adopted together.

Night (Not bonded to Basey & Sega but would do well adopted with her sisters.)

These three sisters came from a life and home of severe neglect. They were never allowed inside, fed only once a week, and received very little, if any, vet care. Their former owner was charged and LCCR was able to bring these ladies, only three of many, to the Ranch for love, medical care, and rehabilitation.

And here's what's amazing: they are SO SWEET and very quickly became ready for adoption. All three greet everyone who walks into the room with the biggest and loudest purrs you will hear.

BASEY and SEGA are almost identical. They are absolute little dolls with the cutest munchkin faces! They will both nuzzle right in when you pick them up and hold them. They will sometimes even out their little paws around your neck when you try to put them down but they are not done with the love. Sega is a bit more dominant in asking for cuddles, she will get right up in your face for cuddles while Basey patiently waits for her turn. They both will give you little nibbles if you pull away your hand before they're done with you. They will roll over for belly rubs and will give so much love to anyone! These two have a tendency to give a few love bites so they would do best in a home with older children.

If you can give these sweet love bugs a home, please fill out an adoption application or contact LCCR for more information.

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