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Big White (white and light brown)
Est. DoB: December 2021
Energy level: active
Good with: adults

Opal (white and grey tabby)
Est. DoB: October 2022
Energy level: active
Good with: adults

This mother-daughter duo was rescued from the outdoor life at a condo complex. Big White is the fluffy white mama with light brown ears. Opal is the short haired white kitty with grey tabby markings.

Big White prefers to stay in one bedroom at her foster home rather than exploring the whole house. When she is in this room she is affectionate and likes pets, tummy rubs and all. She likes to roll around on her back and play. She loooves being brushed. Being picked up is a no go. She is not a lap cat but likes to lay alongside her foster mom's legs. When visitors come over she moves freely about the bedroom and even comes up to them for pets.

When Big White is somewhere else in the house she is quite a bit shyer and spends a lot of time under the couch. However, this could be because she is overwhelmed by the other cats in the house. When the others aren’t around she will come out to play or for pets as long as her foster mom moves slowly, talks to her and gives her some slow blinks. She relaxes and acts like she does in the bedroom, except that she will hide when visitors come over.

Opal is more shy than Big White. In the bedroom, she will balance on top of a scratching post and chirp (or scream) at her foster mom when she wants pets or to be picked up. That’s how she lets her know, otherwise she doesn’t care to be touched and will skitter away if you try. Sometimes she will crawl into her foster mom's lap if she has been sitting still for a while. She likes to play and will come out of hiding after a bit if a new person has a wand toy for her to play with.

In the rest of the house, Opal also seems to get overwhelmed by other cats and spends a good amount of time under the couch with Big White or somewhere quiet. Sometimes her foster mom can approach her slowly and pet her; or when she sits on the floor by the couch Opal may creep out and crawl into her lap.

When these two are alone together they are very playful! When they are by themselves downstairs they still get the zoomies and chase each other up and down the stairs case and wall pods and all around. It makes quite a racket but they have a blast.

This bonded pair will need to go to a very special home in order to live the rest of their lives happily and stress free. They would do best in a quiet home without a lot of activity and without other animals. They will also need a room that they could have as their safe space for a while where they can get comfortable with their new family. That new family will need experience with shy cats and a lot of patience. Big White and Opal may regress temporarily as they settle in and will need consistent love and reassurance.

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