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MICKEY (mostly black)
Est. DoB: August 2023
Good with: cats

Male (black and white)
Est. DoB: May 2023
Good with: cats

This set of brothers was found in Milk River. Calvin, the older black and white kitty, took care of his younger brother, Mickey, the mostly black kitty with a narrow white stripe up his nose. Both were familiar with people but need more socialization.

Mickey is a curious boy who likes to check everything out. Whether it's a new place to climb into, a new toy, or a new person in the room, he's takes it all in with wide eyes. He doesn't like fast movements but if you approach him gently and give him a hand to sniff, he is likely to let you give him a few pets. Once he feels truly safe and secure we are confident he will turn into a very playful cat.

Calvin doesn't mind watching people but he hasn't started to enjoy pets yet. He loves to cuddle up with his brother and finds great confidence in him. We are certain that once he finds his forever home and settles in, he will also become a very fun and playful cat.

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