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Est. DoB: August 18, 2022
Energy level: active
Good with: cats, dogs, children

*Located in Calgary*

These adorable ginger brothers love to run and play, but are more on the chill side for a couple of young bachelors. They are sweet, cuddly and have become wonderful uncles to the kittens in their foster home. They love to chase one another and play with spiral toys and big straws.

Pecan and Pine have grown up in a home with three dogs, which they get along with well. They've also been around children and don't mind them one bit. At bed time they prefer to sleep in the bed with their foster human, or in their own little cat beds.

When they were eight months out we discovered that they both have stomatitis, which is chronic inflammation of the soft tissues in the mouth. The condition failed to improve with treatment and they both needed all their teeth removed, except the canines. They will require periodic dental care.

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