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Est. DoB: July 18, 2023 &
Energy level: active - kittens
Good with: cats, dogs, children

Sassy came to LCCR with two newborn kittens. Her finder was worried she still had kittens inside her because of how big her belly was so she took her to the vet. There were no more kittens, but it turned out that Sassy was completely backed up with feces and worms. She spent two weeks at the vet getting around the clock care and is now on a laxative to make sure her bowels stay healthy.

Once she was feeling better, Sassy accepted three orphaned kittens and began raising them as her own. They're all grown now and Sassy has remained bonded to her daughter Sundae.

Sassy is very loving and cuddly with her people. She will sit on your lap all evening and will hug you when you pick her up. She is especially fond of her foster father but we aren't sure if that is because he's a man or because he spends so much time with the cats. She loves to eat and will accept anything you give her.

Queen Mama Sassy is most definitely an alpha female. The tortitude runs strong in this one. She is regal and mighty, lean and strong. She loves to play with other cats and will challenge any cat who might try to take her place in the hierarchy. She doesn't mind dogs, as long as they know their place.

Sundae is very sweet and LOVES to play ball. She growls when she has her favorite one! She is a bit nervous with her foster family's dog and older cats. She's a big girl and is almost always found next to her mom, Sassy.

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