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Est. DoB: June 9, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats, children

*Located in Raymond*

Clover started her life at the LCCR. Her mama was a pregnant stray being cared for in a foster home. Sadly, at just 7 weeks old, Clover's mama died suddenly of undiagnosed diabetes. Thankfully her foster family was able to take good care of her and her siblings, Ivy, Nettle and Fern, until they were ready to be adopted.

Clover is the more shy, reserved sister of the litter... until she's comfortable. She'll duck her head away and smack your hand if you try to pet her before she's ready. But then bury her face right into it to smell you. Once she's gotten to know you she's very sweet and loving, and very funny. She loves to play with toys and other cats, and zooms around like a kitten should.

Because she is still a kitten, Clover will need to be adopted with one of her siblings, or into a home that already has another cat.

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