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Est. DoB: September 1, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats

Kedi and his two brothers, Macka and Qita, were all dumped on an acreage. The land owners were able to catch all three and came to the LCCR for help. They have been happily living in foster with other cats ever since.

Kedi is the tabby of the litter. He is a real cuddle bug and likes to jump up on the bed to hang out with his foster mama. He must have been a real mama's boy because he tries to nurse on one of the other cats in the house or on fuzzy blankets. (Cats often do this when they are separated from their mothers too soon.) He likes to curl up with one of the older cats a lot. He's also very playful and loves belly and face rubs.

Because he is still a kitten, Kedi needs to be adopted with one of his brother or into a home that already has a cat.

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