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Est. DoB: July 1, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats

Pepper was born in an LCCR foster home. Unfortunately her mom tried to reject her, but thankfully her foster mom intervened and did a lot to help her survive. Pepper was extremely small when she was born and always the last one to reach a milestone; the last to climb out of the birthing box, the last to start eating on her own, and the last to start using the litterbox.

She was bullied a lot by her siblings... but instead of taking rejection and shutting down, she got bigger, ate like a little piggie, and started to stand her ground. Her adopters will need to be patient and continue teaching her that biting and scratching are for self defense, not playtime. Just rub her paw or under her chin and she will usually lay down her weapons. Despite being a little toughie, she's very sweet with her foster and loves to play.

Because she is still a kitten, Pepper will need to be adopted into a home that already has another cat.

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