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Est. DoB: TBD
Energy level: active
Good with: cats, children

*Located in Taber*

This big tuxi was found in Taber and taken into a foster home. He definitely had a family at one time because he adores people, but unfortunately no owner came forward to claim him.

Spike is a big cat and every energetic. Unless he's sleeping, he doesn't sit still. He likes to investigate everything and can jump from the floor straight to the top of a bookshelf. He's also a big fan of stuffed animals which he likes to grab onto and bunny kick. He would probably do well with another kitty who likes to wrestle.

Spike's most favourite activity is being petted. He isn't the least bit shy and will climb right into your lap for some love. And if you stop, he'll grab your hand to get you to keep going. He's very vocal and sounds like a baby when he meows. He plays great with children and likes other cats.

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