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Est. DoB: July 1, 2023
Energy level: active - kitten
Good with: cats

Sunset was born to his mama Shantelle when she was in the care of an LCCR foster home.

Sunset loves to cuddle so much he can hardly decide where to curl up! Your chest, your neck, your feet? How can a little dude decide? Once he's made his choice he's bound to settle in purr himself into a nap.

Sunset is still a kitten and he acts like one. He loves to play with the other cats in his home, including his brother Mango, sister Pepper, and mom Shantelle. If they're not feeling up to it he will find some humans to play with. Whether it's pouncing on your toes under a blanket or chasing your fingers, he's always up for it.

Sunset is a gorgeous boy with beautiful dark orange fur, except for his white chest, belly and footsies. We think he's going to be a big boy because he hasn't finished growing yet and he's already bigger than his mama. But we'd call him a gentle giant. He would do well in a home with another cat who is willing to play and wrestle with him.

Because he is still a kitten, Sunset will need to be adopted with another cat or into a home that already has one.

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