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Est. DoB: November 2019
Activity level: relaxed
Good with: cats

When this beautiful blue-grey boy came to LCCR, his brother and sister had already been living the rescue life for six months. Our trapper tracked him down by the railroad tracks on the north side of Lethbridge. Despite being feral, a lady nearby had been feeding him and his siblings for two or three years and had even built them a heated shelter. Unfortunately, feral life is full of downsides, like late night fisticuffs with tomcats. Brogan had damage to an eye and ear when he came to us, but wasn't aggressive, and he even let our trapper give him a gentle head rub. Brogan has adjusted well to living indoors, and acts cool and aloof to hide that he's really just a shy boy.

Brogan is a rugged handsome boy who is shy and will back down from anyone wanting to eat his food. He's a lovely introvert. He has not let volunteers pet him yet and often runs away if they get too close. He is an observer and will watch every move you make. Volunteers do often catch him watching over the kittens at the intake house and he would likely do well with a relaxed young cat that will not dominate him.

If you can give this shy boy a home to let his personality come through please fill out an adoption application or contact LCCR for further information.

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