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Est DoB: July 15, 2022
Energy level: TBD
Good with: TBD

Chloe is being fostered by a lovely family who have been rescuing cats for years. Chloe is so picky about food that she has struggled her whole life to get up to a healthy weight. But her favourite way to eat is like a dog: by begging for scraps from the table.

She's a petite little black cat who is equal parts sweet and spicy. She likes to tease and taunt the other cats and gets along great with dogs. She's hasn't met any children yet so we aren't sure how she feels about them.

Chloe loves toys. She is an amazing soccer player and will carry the ball around in her mouth. Like a typical kitten she gets the zoomies around midnight every night. Alternately, she is friendly and sweet when she's in the mood for affection.

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