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Est. DoB: April 17, 2023
Energy level: active
Good with: cats

Fidget's mom and dad, Purdy and Pongo, were semi-feral cats living on the street. A nice lady would feed them and built them a hut to sleep in and stay warm. But when she sold her house she couldn't take them with her, so she reached out to the LCCR for help. Purdy was pregnant and soon delivered five fuzzy little furballs, including Fidget.

Fidget is a funny quirky little dude who will fall asleep anywhere. His siblings can be playing right on top of him and he will sleep right through it. He seems to love cuddle piles with his siblings. He has his playful moments but is definitely the most laid back and sleepiest of the group.

Fidget is also a scaredy cat. He hasn't figured out how great humans can be, so he will need someone who is patient and consistent and ready to help him with socialization. He would benefit from living in a home with another cat who is calm and confident around humans.

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