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Est DoB: October 2020
Energy level: low/timid
Good with: cats

Haze is a very large, handsome boy with a lot of love to give. It takes him a while to trust but once he does, he's only got eyes for you. He's a low energy cat that would thrive in a quieter home, as busy-ness, loud noises and crowding scares him. He's fine with other cats but is more interested in people. VERY food motivated and an emotional eater. He enjoys wand toys, treats attention and affection. He will talk to you if you talk to him. He is slowly getting used to being picked up by some of his favorite volunteers - which he is quite receptive to. He is definitely around more when the house quiets down, and is learning to be more trusting, you have to approach him slowly. If you just go in and start petting him he allows it, but if you are hesitant he will hiss or dodge you sometimes so he needs someone that is confident with timid cats. Once he's comfortable he's quite the ham for attention.

He also has cute white/ bald spots on his butt and hind legs and he has an old/ healed broken back right leg that's bowed so he walks with a permanent limp/ hobble that is very charming and doesn't appear to cause him pain or discomfort.

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