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Est. DoB: October 5, 2019
Energy level: active
Good with: some cats, older children, possibly dogs

Lucky is a Bengal cat with a strange and unconventional back story. He was sold as a kitten to his first owner, only to be stolen and sold again. He adored his second owner and formed a strong bond with her. But when she passed, her husband kicked Lucky out of the house. Lucky never left. He stayed at the front door or near the property for a year, surviving on dead birds. A neighbour contacted LCCR and we brought him to the Ranch.

Lucky, like all Bengals, is a large, intelligent cat who needs a lot of stimulation or he becomes restless. He likes pets on his terms, but only with a flat hand. Any scritches will set his prey drive into action. He absolutely loves toys and will chase a string immediately. He's a very confident cat who needs a peaceful environment where everyone respects each other and gets along. If a fight breaks out, Lucky is there to intervene.

The appropriate home for Lucky will need to have experience with Bengal cats. They will also need to be patient and supportive as he works through the grief of losing his loved one and having to survive on the streets alone.

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