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Est. DoB: May 2016
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats, children

Scorch was found by a lovely family who were feeding him and even built him a shelter. But when he showed up injured one day they contacted LCCR for help. Scorch got his ear stitched up and has been living at the Ranch ever since.

After he arrived, Scorch became bonded to two other cats named Spots and Caymen. The three of them take care of each other and are often found cuddling or bathing each other. He's also a big fan of curling up inside boxes for a snooze. He even lets us tuck him in with a blanket.

Scorch is a complete lap cat. If you sit, he will sit on you. He loves being pet and will make biscuits in your lap. He's a confident boy who will look you straight in the eye without blinking as he saunters towards you for some attention. And if you shake the temptations bag? He will appear front and centre, ready for some treats!

Scorch recently had to have many of his teeth removed, but before that he was famous for his snaggle tooth. One of our volunteers even made a salsa named after him!

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