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Est. DoB: April 2019
Energy level: relaxed
Good with: cats, children

Spots was a stray being fed by someone in Stilring. One day he came to her dirtier than normal, with a limp and a small hole in his arm. After he came to LCCR in the spring of 2021 and visited the vet we discovered his teeth were terrible, so he gets them cleaned every year.

After he arrived, Spots soon became bonded to two other cats named Scorch and Caymen. The three of them are often found near one another. If one of them is upset or stressed, one of the others will come over and put a paw on them or give them a little bath.

Spots is a loveable little (ok not so little) lap cat. He adores face rubs and full body pets. If you're sitting down he will come find you and climb right into your lap for some love. Spots also enjoys being outside in the catio or curled up inside on a cat bed.

In 2023 Spots developed a urinary blockage and had perineal urethrostomy surgery. He continues to struggle with chronic cystitis flare ups. But he is being treated with a special diet and medication.

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